Dionne Farris Has A Fascinating Story About The Anita Baker Tribute On The Soul Train Awards

Dionne Farris’ story of getting into the music business from sending around a VHS  taping from the mall of her doing karaoke to Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” then to singing at her tribute during the 2010 Soul Train Awards is amazing. See it in the her webisodes of “Ridin’ The Rails To Soul Train” below.

Here’s the Anita Baker tribute at the Soul Train Awards.

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  • Dionne was awesome, what an amazing voice. I have never heard and/or seen her before. Someone needs to sign this young lady NOW. Girlfriend what an amazing, amazing, amazing tribute to the fabulous one and only Ms. Anita Baker whom I love, love your music. A true icon and as Peabo Bryson stated and I echo “thanks for carrying the torch”. Continue on your journey which you so deserve to have an amazing, properous career after this… if not then everyone is sleeping and perhaps were sedated. However, we know that want happened! God Bless you and look forward to seeing and hearing more about you in the near, near future.

  • I watched 2010 Soul Train Awards in December 2015 and heard a woman I’d never seen or heard of before and she sang Anita Baker’s song Same Old Love and TORE IT UP, I must have watched her at least 10 times singing that piece for about 1 minute, it was the bomb, awesome. I looked around in some of the you tube sections for the Soul Train Awards and found her name (Dionne Farris) this woman can SING YALL.

  • I just recently looked at the tribute to the GREAT Anita Baker and when I saw the two young women sing Ms. Baker Song it was really nice . the 1st young lady was good Ms, Goapele. Now Now when the 2nd Singer opened my her mouth Ms. Dionne Farris and did her part all I can say is OHhhhh my she is absolutely FAB U LOUS.

    when both ladies sing the voices complement each other. however Ms. Dionne Farris as Johnny Gil would say in his song MY MY MY my my my. lady you got Ms. Anita Baker at your undivided attention and dancing and everything. lol

    I love your voice. you keep doing what you are doing. I hope to hear even more from you now that I JUST recently saw you and heard you. GOD BLESS YOU.

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