Sad Case Of Irresponsible Journalism By Creative Loafing

Wow. It’s appears that Creative Loafing chose the low road position in analyzing and journaling the accomplishments of FunkJazz Kafé and founder, Jason Orr. Therefore we are releasing the following statement:

“The cover article featured in the Creative Loafing publication written by Rodney Carmichael displays a form of commercial entertainment satire instead of truth and substance about FunkJazz Kafé. Their story unfortunately is misleading, misguided, misquoted, and does not reflect the true essence of the upcoming screening “Diary Of A Decade” documentary film. The primary purpose of this article was to express the interest and foundation of FunkJazz Kafé, along with the tenacious efforts in creating the documentary “Diary of A Decade”. Instead, the article conveys a much deeper insidious connotation to the brand by misinterpreting the concept of the documentary as being a controversial/conspiracy film; which is false. It further reflects an ambiguous view to the image, brand, and reputation of Founder and Creator of FunkJazz Kafé, Jason Orr. We at FunkJazz Kafé denounce the erroneous, irresponsible statements made in the article and will not associate the brand with this misleading article.”

Come see “FunkJazz Kafé: Diary Of A Decade” for yourself.

July 13, 2011
During the 2011 National Black Arts Festival


Here’s the trailer:


5 Responses to “Sad Case Of Irresponsible Journalism By Creative Loafing”

  • Vinnie Bernard

    Im proud of you slim…Keep doing your thing.
    You know I aint never got shit bad to say about you
    You been like a brother to me mane.
    Proud of you and we did it how we wanted to
    Tell the Chronicle I love them (95% of em) lol
    Im thankful for the opportunity looking back.
    Love you mannnnn!!

    Vinnie Bernard

  • Kool Kutta 3

    I hope this documentary rejuvenates the minds’ of young and upcoming artists. It should show them that you can drive in your own lane and not worry about stepping out and away from mainstream ideologies. Dare to be different, dare to be original, dare!

  • […] as well. Large up one of Atlanta's #1 originators Jason Orr, Creator and Founder FunkJazzKafe. Creative Loafing? Never heard […]

  • I’m so there to see this doc. I moved to Atlanta and was too young to experience any funkjazz cafe.. but NOW!!!OH BUT NOW..I GET TO GO EXPERIENCE IT.

  • The sad fact is that the music industry is biased against musicians, period. Like the Hollywood ‘star’ system, ‘artists’ are created to become celebrities to generate PROFIT. It’s a machine that though has damaged many souls (too many musicians to mention) ALSO has exposed genius to the world because music was packaged into PRODUCT. Because of recorded music I got to hear Minnie Riperton who died 2 months before I was born. Because of recored music I moved to Atlanta from Sydney, Australia to enjoy and support music I loved.

    As far as white supremacy (and white supremacist structures) that is a reality, point-blank. But a CORPORATE MACHINE is seeking artists to sell either to the mainstream via major or boutique labels (e.g. Sony, CBS, WB, BMI etc) or to a ‘niche’ market (e.g. CTI, Stones Throw, independent and boutique labels). It is on a mission to again, generate PROFIT. Some labels did throw artists by the wayside. Other labels nurtured artists through artist development. But fundamentally, if someone doesn’t sell, off they go. Look at Phyllis Hyman’s career as a reference.

    I cannot wait to see this. I’m back in AU finishing my Cultural Studies degree. I’m ecstatic that the Mizell Brothers and Joi, two of my favorite artists, are featured. BUT, the intro of the trailer does come off a little messy. You don’t have to compromise your message. But you may need to edit to make the arch more cohesive. And you may have to hear objective critique and take on some elements. How many times I re-write/edit a major paper. I do NOT compromise my points EVER, no matter how controversial (and I am a VERY controversial lady). BUT, I DO have to be succint which means I trim down my verboseness to more hard-hitting lines. And ALWAYS have a focus. YOu present that in your introduction. You tell the tale. Than you sum it all up in the conclusion. As annoying as such ‘limits’ can be, it has refined my skill level AND the powerful messages in my essays to where I am a 4.0 student.

    Safe journeys.



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