FunkJazz Kafé Arts & Music Festival Creator, Jason Orr, Joins A3C Festival Panel – “The Impact Of Festivals”

Festival: noun fes·ti·val \ˈfe-stə-vəl\

1 :  an often periodic celebration or program of events or entertainment having a specified focus

2 :  a program of cultural events or entertainment <a jazz festival>

3 :  a time or event of celebration <a harvest festival>

Move·ment: noun \ˈmo͞ovmənt\

2. a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The nation’s best multicultural music festival organizers will unite on a panel at the upcoming A3C Festival & Conference to share their experiences and insights on “The Impact Of Festivals”. The panel will include FunkJazz Kafé Arts & Music Festival Creator, Jason Orr, A3C’s Yusuf Muhammad, Afropunk co-founder, Jocelyn Cooper, One Music Festival founder J. Carter and will be moderated by Creative Loafing’s Culture Editor, Gavin Godfrey.

The panel will be held at 2pm to 3pm in the A3C Conference Center (aka The Loudermilk Conference Center) [40 Courtland Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30303/ LOCATED WHERE THE RED ARROW IS POINTING ON THE MAP BELOW].

This will be an exciting addition to A3C’s panel line up!

Go HERE for other A3C panel details.

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