Ig Client Agreement

IG customers have access to more than 16,000 markets worldwide. The four products offered by IG are: this means in practice that IG is now merging the prices of the LSE and the MTF to offer customers the best available price and better liquidity. Without the ability to interact with multilateral trading institutions, traders have not been able to “see the full range of prices and penalize themselves directly as such.” L2 Dealer will now immediately browse all available purses to find the best prices. On your L2 screen, you can display them in a hybrid format, with the best prices of all available purses, listed in a single order book. You can also check individual order books for all available scholarships. The availability of multilateral trading facilities also provides a safeguarding service if the LSE`s main price flow and traders know the importance of being able to act at all times. Mobile is also unleashing with IG, which supports both the iPhone and iPad with custom apps. IG Markets customers have access to the DMA business both via the online platform and via the iPhone app. In particular, IG`s CFD iPhone app offers customers the ability to directly access the market for an aggregated backlog consisting of the Primary Exchange and major alternative execution sites – a unique service I haven`t found anywhere else. You also have a Blackberry app and an app for Android devices.

In June 2011, it was reported that nearly 14% of all mobile device transactions initiated by IG had been conducted; About 30% of IG`s active customers use mobile devices to place part of their trades; and more than 10% of account applications were made by mobile devices. Our customer agreements govern our relationship with you and all the CFDs you have signed us. Opening an online account is free and customers can start trading after making a minimum deposit of $300 or an equivalent amount. Note that for DMA, you need to subscribe to its L2 reseller platform – a separate software that you need to download (although it also offers you an online version), and then you subscribe to the future markets you want to participate in. PureDMA is available free of charge to existing IG Markets customers with a balance of $1,000. IG Markets is now the largest cfD supplier in Australia. Tamas Szabo, Chief Executive Officer of IG Markets in Australia, acknowledged that its offering of trading and research tools, platform reliability and 24-hour service, as well as a strong focus on transparency and protecting customers` money, contributed primarily to their ranking.