Tucfa`s Collective Agreement Schedule B

Again, I would like to thank you for everything you do in these difficult times. It was remarkable to see what was achieved as a collective, despite all the problems we are all going through. I`m amazed – and tired! – every day. I couldn`t imagine doing it with a better group of people – thank you! It is important to know that existing faculty guidelines are being revised, although no substantial changes to the criteria are being made at this time. Existing faculty guidelines refer to previous collective agreements and APT and GPC manuals that are no longer in force. Most of these provisions are now in the GFC manual. In addition, existing faculty guidelines refer to procedures and promotion and evaluation committees that have since been amended and codified in the current collective agreement. Our agreement with the Faculty Association confirms our commitment to the principles of academic freedom and confirms that the IP directive continues to apply, as noted above. Shortly after the move to distance course delivery during the winter semester, we worked with the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary to negotiate an agreement that provides for an automatic one-year extension of the term of office and the doctoral application process for the Holding Track academic staff (university staff are not required to take the deferral if they are in the normal course). Our agreement also provided for early access to reimbursement of 2020/2021 professional expenses and deferral options for academics who were on research and scholarship leave (RSL) or who had planned an RSL from July. We will meet again in the fall with the faculty association to discuss further adjustments that may be necessary to assist university staff if the pandemic continues.

With respect to the fall period, all programs were submitted by the deans until May 31. A small team at City Hall is now reviewing these plans to ensure that we have not inadvertently created “hotspots” in different areas of the campus, where it will be difficult to maintain public health policies, particularly social eliminations in the hallways, when students and employees enter and leave classrooms. A small team of the prophet will then check this material early next week, and the calendar will then be finalized and announced. For more information on COVID-19-related material, click here on our website. Communication and Media Science 40 1: Special Topics in Communication and Media Sciences (the theme of this course is digital games) Winter 2021: Lec. 01, Tuesday and Thursday, 14:00-15:15 (scheduled as a hybrid offer, with synchronous meetings on Thursday from 14:00-15:15) Winter 2021 classes run from January 11 to April 15 (April 19-29 winter session exams) the duration ends on April 30, 2021. Finally, we have an individual responsibility to take care of ourselves and a collective responsibility to take care of each other. Please follow the health guidelines that have been set out by our experts – and together we will get by! Resources for senior and executives to assist in the implementation of collective agreements and manuals. As with the 2020 winter semester, students` reactions to general assessments of students in spring-summer and fall education are gathered; However, we only pass this feedback on to course directors. Feedback is not given to department heads, associate deans or deans unless you, as a course leader, give prior authorization. This is included in our agreement with the faculty association.

Thank you for everything you do in this difficult time. I recognize that it has not been easy — that many of you are dependent on young and old, and that the boundaries between work and life are considerably blurred.