Another Word For Sub Agreement

Early termination of the sub-contract or project agreement covered in paragraph 11.3 never authorizes the holder to repay an amount and/or compensation. a contract that assigns to another party certain obligations arising from a previous contract is governed by the guidelines and procedures established by LEAD INSITUTION, provided that these guidelines and procedures promote the best interests of the project implemented under this sub-agreement. To the extent necessary under ars 35-214, the sub-receiver retains all records relating to that sub-contract. As part of the sub-employment of the sub-agreement, Subrecipient will not offer or provide money or anything of value to any government official or political candidate to influence their actions or decisions, obtain or maintain trade agreements or obtain favourable treatment in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act or any other local anti-corruption law, either directly or indirectly. The guarantee, to the extent required by the Terms and Conditions, the Framework Agreement and/or the Sub-Agreement or The Project Agreement, is issued by a bank or insurance company in accordance with the agreements between the parties and in accordance with the model approved by V-SH. When the subcontracting was concluded, it was for the total amount of salary; There was no dollar for the original contractor. Synonyms: rent, speculate, rent, court, Job The second charge is the fraudulent filing of a subcontracting, an impossible offense. But if you can ever enter into a contract with this government and enter into a subcontract at the same price, do so as soon as possible. The first complaint is that Stephen W. Dorsey fraudulently filed a subcontract. This was an Iranian attack, it is not the case to be able to sign the devastation of 5% of the world`s energy supply and to think that one can free ourselves from its responsibilities. The subcontracting was done with Sanderson, Sanderson received his own contract.

I am saying that you cannot fraudulently file a subcontract against the government. Another complaint is that the subcontract awarded by Sanderson was filed on September 18, 1878. How would you work to deceive the government by subcontracting? Vaile`s under-order shows that Vaile should be kept 100%. The next complaint is that a subcontracting was done for less than the original contract.