Baseline Evaluation Of Higher Tier Agreements

In England, Environmental Stewardship was closed in December 2014 for new applicants and replaced by a new agri-environmental programme, Countryside Stewardship, for which contracts were concluded in January 2016. High-level and entry agreements will continue until they expire. The HLS agreements will continue, with most agreements expiring in 2024. The new land management program includes many programs, including watershed-sensitive land and forestry grants. Mid- and higher-level CS programs are more targeted; The applicant is expected to determine whether it takes into account priorities for its country. There is a significant difference in the measurement of the indicator area, since it is measured as a “farm area,” while the CS is measured as the total area of options adopted, i.e. the area actively exploited by organic farming. Differences in schematic ratios must be taken into account in the interpretation of transition years, for example.B. if ELS and HLS have ceased and CS systems begin, the number of B1ai may decrease.

In 1992, the United Kingdom had 0.3 million hectares of land under general agreements or targeted projects, up from almost 3.5 million hectares in 2019. Since 1992, the measure of the general regime has been seen as becoming increasingly important. During this period, some of the original plans were concluded for new applicants. The area covered by higher systems varies by one year as a result of regime changes: agreements expire and new agreements are included; changes to existing agreements or transfers of land from one farmer to another. In the short term, programmes launched under previous rural development programmes were closed to new applicants in 2013/2014. Subsequently, new rules were introduced, but at different times from one country to another. This had an impact on absorption. B, for example, Northern Ireland`s last agro-environmental regime did not start until July 2017. In Northern Ireland, the landscape management system was closed to new applicants in 2013, although a small number of agreements were concluded on 1 January 2013 as a result of applications submitted before 2013.