(Over 1,100 attended the premiere of “FUNKJAZZ KAFÉ: DIARY OF A DECADE”. Photo: Troy Strong)


  Date: TBA

City: Hamburg, Germany

Venue: Golden Sneakers International Hip Hop Film Festival


DIARY 4x6 (JANELLE 2)_OCT. 2017


for FunkJazz Kafé/ Life Arts Films

Movie narrated by CHUCK D

This award-winning film is the story of a cultural legend as told by the innovators of an important, and in some cases overlooked, era in Black culture. It begins with a statement that says a lot, “You will always know the condition of a people by what is reflected in their music!” then proceeds to span through the late 1980′s to the early 2000′s.  This story goes deep into the fabric of soul music, it’s definitions, it’s pioneers, it’s offspring, it’s movements, the challenges with the “mainstream” industry, how technology leveled the playing field and the evolution of the FunkJazz Kafé Arts & Music Festival, a music and artistic renaissance movement born out of Atlanta’s diverse musical and cultural arts heritage. The film covers the decade when Atlanta’s underground music scene became established on the world stage and a new generation of soul singers and musicians emerged. FunkJazz Kafé:Diary Of A Decade (The Story Of A Movement) also explores the question of how we got to live soul bands being non-existing in the commercial music landscape of the 21st century when there once was a plethora of soul and R&B bands since the creation of recorded music.

Appearances by: Cornel West, Dick Gregory, Erykah Badu, Cee Lo Green, Andre 3000, Jill Scott, Common, Roy Ayers, Jamie Foxx, George Clinton, Janelle Monae, Doug E. Fresh, Talib Kweli, Meshell NdegeOcello, Raphael Saadiq, Caron Wheeler (Soul II Soul), Larry Mizell (Mizell Bros.), Joi Gilliam, Dallas Austin, Lil John Roberts, Goodie Mob, Omar Lye-Fook, MC Lyte,   Jamal Ahmad, Anthony David, Ray Murray (Organized Noize), N’Dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies), Algebra Blessett, LeRonde Williams, Kevin Powell, Loose Ends, Bilal, Dionne Farris, Van Hunt, Khiry Simmon, Eric Roberson, Donnie, Bone Crusher, Sticman (Dead Prez), DJ Kemit and Speech (Arrested Development).




Within the film there are sections that inspire interactive communication with the film itself! Especially on Doug E. Fresh’s part in the film! So we often host screenings that enhance the film experience by adding elements utilized at our music festival when applicable. Flag waver at entrance, cocktail reception, DJ with a small band, visual artists creating on the spot, visual projections, inspiring Q&As and on some occasions a meet and greet with some of the cast of the film!


(Below: “FunkJazz Kafé: Diary Of A Decade” SOLD OUT at Brooklyn Academy of Music NYC!)




BAM NYC_by Jason A. Johns

j-orr-bam-nyc6 People in theater 1.1JASON ORR Q&A_2.22.17

carver theater

Flag waver and people arriving -Troy Strong

STICMAN ON PANEL -TROY STRONGlady-alma-j-orr_blackstar-film-fest


Contact us at innovators@funkjazzkafe.com for screenings at colleges, art centers and museums to spark cultural, historical and educational dialogue on music with FunkJazz Kafé: Diary Of A Decade” writer & director, Jason Orr in your city!

(Click image above to read the Rolling Out Magazine article)


FOX 5 – Washington, DC

FOX 32 – Good Day Chicago




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Contact us at innovators@funkjazzkafe.com for screenings at universities, colleges, art centers and museums to spark cultural, historical and educational dialogue on music with FunkJazz Kafé: Diary Of A Decade” writer & director, Jason Orr in your city!


  • one beautiful movement that is thoroughly missed in Atlanta!

  • What a brilliant move!

  • Nicely done, Jason! Thanks for sharing your view of the origins and connectedness of the Atlanta Soul Movement. Southern Soul roots run wide and deep. Whether we knew it or not, it’s our generation’s Wattstax with impact worldwide. Brilliant work, homie!

    Ken Rye, EP, Hot Ice Live

  • I have missed the live performances due to me not living in Atlanta at the time. But I have been aware of the movement the entire time. Watching the movie last nite was awesome. I felt like I was there and dang I missed that all at the same time. Bring back the movement show the world what they are missing. Thank You for all that you have done. And Jason Orr great job and it was truly a pleasure to meet you last night.

  • Thanks Ken. We all have done the business in this city. Thanks for setting us up for greatness.

  • Yet we ended up WINNING ; )!!!!
    Welcome to Atlanta.

  • The film is incredible! Cant wait to purchase it, promote it all over the world, and watch it with family and friends! Puuuuuleeeez let me know when its available. Great job. keep up the good work. We gotta find a way to have FunkJazz happen regularly without corporate sponsorship. Is it possble?

  • I heard it was wonderful! So sad I was traveling and missed out. When will it be shown again?

  • Jeffrey Kelley

    I was spell bound while and after viewing this film. This film should be shown at every university and college in this country. Especially at the hbcu’s.The young people have to know about this movement. Man!! I could write a book about the impact of a forward thinking mind.

  • FunkJazzKafe changed my life; I loved it with all my soul. I’ve been all over Europe but have never experienced anything like it before funkJazz and since funkJazz. I soulfully miss FunkJazzKafe.

  • I’ve been waiting to seeing this film for some time, which takes me back to some very exciting years on the scene in ATL. Much respect to the FJK crew and the ATL massive. See you in Brooklyn.

    Brett Crenshaw
    Red Clay Collective
    Second Saturdays
    Groove Gumbo
    …i’ll never forget

  • Okaaaay, it’s love-at-1st-site<—–(intentional)I'm so veddy happy to be here! I HAVE to get this in MY city!! I can't wait—it's about time! ~Bohemian4ever~

  • When will Funk Jazz be back to the ATL!!!!

  • Hi Danielle,
    May 21, 2016 at The Tabernacle!

  • Tynisha Brooks

    I saw this film in Washington, DC. Is it on sale yet? I would love to have it in my collection.

  • Why can’t I buy or rent this film?

  • Still touring the film.

  • Will there be a dJ or any artists performances @ the dallas showing this friday?!?’

  • Will there be food @ the Dallas showing? Any artists going to sang? I’s excited!!!

  • Hi Richelle,
    Only the film screening with complimentary beverages at the 5:30 reception. No artists performances, just within the film.

  • Thank you! Still hyped! Dj?

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